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= the most hilarious series of harry styles faces ever



i feel like watching donnie darko today .





Anonymous asked:
What do you love most about louis?



i love how layered he is??? i love how much of a person he, and i know thats stupid but he’s just such a developed person?? like we dont see many sides of niall or liam, more of zayn tho, and then harrys just an open book but louis is just so complex

hes the caretaker. 4 younger sisters and he helped raise them all. 4 younger brothers and he’s grown up with them

and he’s brave- he auditioned for the x factor even tho he only gave himself a 5% chance

he’s admitted he’s afraid of speaking in front of crowds, but guess who always speaks at award shows? always always louis, because he;s the leader and he took that position back on xfactor immediately

and back on the xfactor days when liam was uptight, he tried so hard to include him and eventually he ‘corrupted’ liam but i really think he just brought him out of his shell. bc liam didnt have friends before the band, no one showed up to his 16th birthday party, maybe he didnt really know how to be friendly, all he knew was how to have a goal and how to work towards accomplishing it, but then louis came along and he showed him the ropes, showed him how to have fun but still work hard

bc louis is hard working too. have u seen those tags on a tummy hand gif?? he’s worked so so so hard to better his singing, and he used to be so insecure about his voice and back on the x factor he didnt have one solo and you couldnt even hear him during the choruses (im 100% sure they lowered his mic a lot), but look at where he is now?? his voice is incredible and he has equal solos in nearly every song and he’s written the majority of MM and FOUR and he’s come so far

and theres a reason all the boys love him so so much, bc he took special care to bond with each of them??? like even just watching the video diaries u can see that he just knows how to engage each of the boys. and he knew how important it was to be friends before they started working, other wise it would never work

and he’s so emotional?? like god he cries at rom coms and hes so grateful for everything that’s happened to him, and he loves his family and his boys to the ends of the earth

and back to being brave: his ‘dad’ left him when he was 10 days old. his dad (step dad) eventually did divorce his mum. he’s seen so many failed relationships, and then he writes “but i dont care, im not scared of love" thats so fucking important that he doesnt let shitty things that have happened to him affect him

his geography teacher told him he’d never amount to anything, he grew up in a working class family and money was tight, he was so horribly insecure about his voice, he had to repeat a year of school, his dad left him and he became a care giver to his younger sisters so so young

but now look at him, most ppl after being told that theyd never amount to anything would be crushed, but he’s achieved two of his biggest dreams and in such a huge way. he’s 1/5 of the worlds biggest boy band and he plays for a footie team and he worked so so hard to accomplish these goals despite being told he never would

now look at him, a fucking millionaire and he helps out his family and does charity in all his free time because he knows what its like to not have enough money but now he has a surplus and he just gives it to people who need it more than he does, did you see him in ghana???? he was so so affected by that and he loved those kids so much and all he wanted to do was help

now look at him, an incredible singer and he worked so so so hard to make the progress he has, and sometimes he messes up and god u can see how much it affects him (one of the earliest times they performed BSE, his solo wasnt great and he looked so so so dejected, but if you listen to it now its SO much better and he worked so hard to make it good and improve)

now look at him, he repeated a year of school, yeah, and maybe he’s not the most book smart (comedic… its definitely a word) but he’s a business man now. he partially owns 5sos, he has the most money in 1d, he and liam started a company (record label? producing thing? im not sure) and he knows how to be careful with his money. and he knows people, he’s smart about people, he knows how to cheer up his boys when theyre down, we’ve heard on multiple occasions that he’s a good listener and good for advice. maybe he failed geography but that doesnt mean anything about how smart he is

now look at him, his dad left him and he took care of his sisters, but have you ever seen that man around kids? fuck his deadbeat dad, that boy will never be like him. he’s going to be the absolute best father and he would give his kids the moon if they asked because he didnt get that from his dad and he refuses to end up like him. “i dont care im not scared of love” is a big fuck you to his dad who was afraid- afraid of commitment to Jay and afraid of commitment to Louis. it’s a declaration that he’s not going to let that affect him

i fucking love louis


Do you ever feel people staring at you and you like forget how to walk


1d: *releases 50th album*

y’all: damn. i was really sure just can’t let her go would be on this album



nothing shakes up the fandom like louis doing a thing


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