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Hi! Inspired by x and x I decided to make a helpful sites that you may wanna bookmark either for their usefulness or for your mere entertainment master post woo. I´ll be constantly updating so make sure to give it a like or bookmark. Enjoy! and give me a follow :)


Pranking someone to think there´s a ghost that knows everything

Tutorial for ^^^

Your rapper name


Play mini games [x] [x]

Ideas of stuff you can do when bored

5 Easy card magic tricks

Website full of DIY ideas

Talk to a robot

Personality tests

Useless websites

Code/computer help

Adding ponies to your blog

Customize folders and icons (like the one in the head picture)

Alternative for bookmarking (there´s also an app)

Download a Youtube video to mp4 (video)

Download a Youtube video to mp3 (audio)

Download fonts for free

Cute cursors

Color schemes

Image hosting (get a code for a picture)

Instagram effects online

Having a spa day

How to have beach hair

Need a flat stomach asap for an event? 

How to make spa products

Reflexology map

Relaxing music

What it sounds like to be in a bathtub

Scary but relaxing storm

Relaxing whale sounds

For Others

Make talking E-cards

Make a custom video from Santa Claus

What to give your mom for her birthday/mother´s day

What to give your dad for his birthday/father´s day


Custom book recommendations 

Writing tips

Can´t remember a word?

Turn a quote into a masterpiece 


Create a test to study for an exam

Master post to help you study

Calculate at what time you should sleep/take a nap


Watch a movie online for free

Watch a show online for free (just type down the name of the show)

Master post of movie master posts

Find what a character was wearing in a show

Other resources



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